BARGAON ITI,Sundergarh

   To provide a common platform or place for meeting of the members of the Association for the purpose of discussion of common problems, advancement of Technical Education.To Provide quality of Education and to take steps for development and quality enactment of appropriate leg islature for the interest of the members within the jurisdiction of the Societ[y]ies Registration Act, 1860.o acquire and take over any immovable or movable properties of nature, if offered or found sick to expand the very objectives of the association.o maintain, deal with and manage the said mov able and immovable properties forthe interest of the association. To enter into any arrangement, contract a partner ship with any Government authority or person whosoever and to obtain from any Government authority or person such rights.

Bargaon ITI,Sundergarh has been Affiliated to N.C.V.T.,Ministry of Lab.Govt of India ,New Delhi, through S.C.T.E. & V.T. Odisha,Sundergarh,with effect from August 2006. Provide:Fitter,Electrician For More Details Contact:9937431469/9777354017

Course Fees

  Session : Branch :
  Fee Head: Fee type:
SessionBranchFee TypeDateFee HeadAmount
2015-16ELECTRICIANGeneral5/30/2016Admission Fees1000
2015-16ELECTRICIANGeneral30/05/2016Course Fees20000
2015-16ELECTRICIANGeneral30/05/2016Development Fees5000
2015-16FITTERGeneral30/05/2016Admission Fees1000
2015-16FITTERGeneral30/05/2016Course Fees20000
2015-16WIREMANGeneral30/05/2016Course Fees15000
2015-16PLUMBERGeneral30/05/2016Admission Fees1000
2015-16FITTERGeneral30/05/2016Development Fees5000
2015-16WIREMANGeneral30/05/2016Admission Fees1000
2015-16WIREMANGeneral30/05/2016Development Fees3000
2015-16PLUMBERGeneral30/05/2016Course Fees12000
2015-16PLUMBERGeneral30/05/2016Development Fees2500